About the Club

Founded in 1947, our club is The Tallahassee Camellia Society, Inc.. The club was originally founded as an all men's club on January 7, 1947. It was named "The Men's Camellia and Garden Club." The men's club was renamed on February 8, 1985 to The Camellia and Garden Club of Tallahassee, Florida. This allowed women to be members. The first woman club president was Mary Maud Sharpe, elected in 1998. On March 8, 2013, the name of our organization was changed to The Tallahassee Camellia Society, Inc..


The Tallahassee Camellia Society, Inc is a non-profit educational organization. The purpose of the Society is to encourage the culture of Camellias and educate and inform members and the public of the history, growing, propagation, exhibiting, and judging of camellias. The Society has an annual Camellia Show in Tallahassee in cooperation with the American Camellia Society.

The Tallahassee Camellia Society meets the first Tuesdays of the October-May months at the Goodwood Jubilee Cottage in Tallahassee. For more information, Contact crmaphis@comcast.net

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